How involved is your groom-to-be?

by Tina at Paper Lily

A cute groom I've drawn.

Last night I was talking to my sister about a topic for my next blog and she suggested writing something about the grooms we meet at our invitation consultations. Immediately my head was filled with visions of past fiances who have come to appointments and the varying approaches they have taken. I laughed out loud, grimaced and squirmed at the mere thought of some of them and came to realise that future husbands attending wedding appointments with their brides-to-be more than likely will fall into one of the following 3 categories.

1. Mr ‘are we done yet?’

These men are easily spotted as they arrive at the door a good 10 steps behind their brides. They are reluctant to make eye contact and almost need to be lured in with the promise of a stiff alcoholic drink. Once inside, they stand back with their arms folded and heads down. When asked their opinion, they either grunt some sort of a reply or whisper to their brides as if I am the enemy and therefore should not listen in. I have tried various strategies to invlove these men and to try and interact with them but the best thing to do is to leave them alone. More often than not, they will say to their brides that they are happy with whatever they choose purely so they can get out quicker and the torture will end.

2. Mr ‘wedding planner extraordinaire’

Believe it or not, I have come across a few of these grooms over the years. They walk in ahead of their brides and do all of the talking. They have folders of wedding scrapbooking and ipads of images and some even take notes. I had one gentleman that made me feel as though I was making a police statement as he was literally writing down everything I said. Don’t get me wrong, enthusiasm and showing an interest in being involved in the wedding is fantastic but these guys take it to another level. They want perfection and will stay for hours until they (and their bride of course) are happy.

3.  Mr ‘teamwork’

My favourite groom of the lot. This is the guy who genuinely cares about what the invitation will look like and will voice his opinion, share his thoughts and communicates really well. He discusses things with his bride, asks relevant questions, listens to advice and is willing to compromise. By the end of the consultation, they have selected or designed an invitation that they are both happy with and they are looking forward to sending them out to their friends and family. This groom-to-be is a pleasure to deal with and makes my job so much easier.

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